No doubt association with a sage is conducive to realization, nevertheless it must be followed up by questions and answers. There are always some doubts arising from mind, so until all traces of mind are removed you must clear them out by words.

Q: The fact is that here and now I am asking you: when did the feeling ‘I am the body’ arise? At my birth? or this morning?

M: Now.

Q: But I remember having it yesterday too!

M: The memory of yesterday is now only.

Q: But surely I exist in time. I have a past and a future.

M: That is how you imagine — now.

Q: There must have been a beginning.

M: Now.

Q: And what about ending?

M: What has no beginning cannot end.

You have a mountain of concepts and words. To get rid of these you use other concepts. When you throw out all the concepts, including your primary concept, then whatever is, is. Stay put in quietude.

Out of the weeds, the grains have come, in those grains the "I Amness" is latently present. That phone message, "Hello, I Am, Hello, I Am," is already there in that grain of food.

You cannot speak of a beginning of consciousness. The very ideas of beginning and time are within consciousness. To talk meaningfully of the beginning of anything, you must step out of it. And the moment you step out you realize that there is no such thing and never was.

As salt dissolves in water, so does everything dissolve into pure being. Wisdom is eternally negating the unreal. To see the unreal is wisdom. Beyond this lies the inexpressible.

I have a very simple remedy, and that is that I am not the body. Had the world been real, there could have been some treatment - but it is not real. Whatever you do is of no use.

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