Dit even zelf gecheckt op, en inderdaad: t/m week 39 is de #oversterfte in Europa in alle leeftijdsgroepen explosief gestegen en dan vooral bij mensen onder de 75 jaar.
In vergelijking met coronajaar 2020 stijgingen van 79%, 112% en 57%!


This consciousness, because of which everything else is, is itself merely the light of That which is, a reflection of That which is. The average person who considers himself a seeker worships the various concepts, not his true being.

In spite of listening to all I have said, most of you will continue to identify yourself as a body, and you will look on me as an individual, but I am not that. My real presence is the absence of the phenomena that you see.

I am That which represents the absence of what is seen. If you try to accommodate what I say within this concept that you are a human being, it cannot be done.

At present your being is mixed up with experiencing. All you need is to unravel being from the tangle of experiences. Once you have known pure being, without being this or that, you will discern it among experiences and you will no longer be misled by names and forms.

From perfect to imperfect - from no-being to being. In the reverse direction - from body-mind to beingness to Absolute - then the consciousness state is a Godly state.

19-09-21 Satsang met Ad Oostendorp 1e deel

19-09-21 Satsang met Ad Oostendorp 1e deel
De grot van Plato, the matrix, Vrij Zijn

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