What keeps the body together but love? What is desire, but love of the self? What is fear but the urge to protect? And what is knowledge but the love of truth? The means and forms may be wrong, but the motive behind is always love — love of the me and the mine.

What is the Self? If you want to expand, the entire world is the manifestation. At the same time it is very tiny - the seed beingness - like an atom, a pinprick of "I Amness."

The mistake of students consists in their imagining the inner to be something to get hold of, and forgetting that all perceivables are transient and, therefore, unreal. Only that which makes perception possible, call it Life or Brahman, or what you like, is real.

The causes of our behaviour are very subtle. One must not be quick to condemn, not even to praise. Remember that Yoga is the work of the inner self (vyakta) on the outer self (vyakti). All that the outer does is merely in response to the inner.

I do not believe that anybody did exist prior to me. When my beingness appeared, then everything appeared. Prior to my beingness, nothing was. Originally I am without any stigma, uncovered by anything.

When the psyche is raw, undeveloped, quite primitive, it is subject to gross illusions. As it grows in breadth and sensitivity, it becomes a perfect link between pure matter and pure spirit and gives meaning to matter and expression to spirit.

Interactieve Satsang met Ad Oostendorp, vanochtend woensdag 1 april, om 11 uur

True virtue is divine nature. What you are really is your virtue. But the opposite of sin which you call virtue is only obedience born out of fear.

This consciousness has mistakenly identified itself with the body, and with thoughts or words. It considers itself to be guilty of something, or that it has acquired merit by some action, whereas everything merely takes place through the action of the life force.

When you pursue this spiritual path of understanding the Self, all your desires just drop off - even the primary desire, to be. When you stay put in that beingness for some time, that desire also will drop off; you are in the Absolute.

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